Fat Reduction Secrets based on Personal Experience

Fat Reduction

Two sentences just about sums up my previous lifestyle! The first is that I am a home maker full time on the job with hardly any time to go to the gym or workout. The second is that I was 30 pounds overweight with nothing much that I was doing about it. Life really changed when I was advised to undergo Cryolipolysis by a friend of mine who had gone through the procedure. Yes, she looked fit and fine and half her age but I was sceptical. Would it work for me? However, nothing can be worse that not trying and I decided to give it a shot. I was worried about the pain and any side effects, but when the doctor at the clinic I was referred to assured me that it would be a breeze, I made up my mind to go for it. And I am glad that I did.

The first thing that I did was to carry out an extensive research on the clinics that offered the treatment in my State of Victoria, Australia. There are quite a number of them and I shortlisted one in my locality. The doctor explained to me in detail about this fat freezing technology and that it has a lasting and permanent effect on the body. He also took me around his clinic and explained that the best of machines were installed there and that eliminated the possibility of any side effects. All his equipment are bought from Universal Medical Aesthetics, a leading importer and distributor of beauty care equipment in Australia and they also sell high-end IPL machines which source their supplies from leading manufacturers from around the world. Additionally, all technicians at his clinic are trained by the Company.

I would like to share with my readers now, all the details of the procedure and how it helped me shed a lot of fat.

Cryolipolysis is a process that eliminates fat cells from certain sections of the body without any surgery or incisions. In my case it was from the abdomen. The fat cells are cooled to sub zero temperatures, breaking them down to tiny particles. These are then disposed off by the natural waste cleaning systems of the body. These fat cells are permanently eliminated and the body takes on a firm and well sculpted look. I did not have any side effects and there were no cuts or incisions or discolouration of the surrounding skin and no metabolic changes in my body. I was also told by the doctor that this treatment is as effective on men as it is on women.

I must admit that the cost of the full treatment was quite affordable. I have always presumed that the charges for sophisticated and advanced beauty care treatments on state of the art machines cost the earth. But I was surely and pleasantly surprised at what I had to shell out for Cryolipolysis.

The treatment process was definitely a relaxing experience without any tensions or scary looking equipment to frighten me. The targeted area on the abdomen was thoroughly cleaned first and a portion of the skin and fat was pinched up by vacuum cups and set between two cooling plates. The temperature of the area was then gradually brought down between -1 degree and -4 degree Celsius. There was no pain whatsoever, only a slight discomfort to the skin and fat wedged between two plates. All the while I was reading a book that I had taken along with me. At the end of the stipulated time, the plates were removed and the area was massaged for 5 minutes to increase the rate of breakdown of fat.

In areas of the body like the thighs where the skin and fat cannot be suctioned up, the cooling plates are kept pressed on the area being treated. It took about a month for the broken down fat cells to be disposed from the body and in about 4 months the results were tangible and measurable. My advice to all looking to shed extra pounds quickly and effectively is to definitely try out Cryolipolysis! For more information on fat reduction, visit https://www.universalipl.com.au/fat-reduction/.