Buying or Selling Property

Buying or selling property is no easy task, not even for hardened real estate investors. This is because prices of real estate depend on a wide range of factors some of which are quite beyond the scope of the buyer or seller. You might want to sell your house but you never know when property prices may crash due to a sudden economic recession or some grave natural calamity. On the other hand you might have harboured dreams of buying a house for long but if you are in the middle of a boom of demand for housing you will end up paying much moreRead More →

Buying and selling property is not easy, you have to go by the NOW factor. What exactly is this NOW factor? Real estate prices are highly volatile and subject to wild fluctuations. So if there is an economic depression or a severe natural calamity or a political upheaval in one corner of the globe, real estate prices can tumble at another. Hence the decision to buy and sell has to be made NOW based on current indices. You can never say what will happen tomorrow. However, when you are buying and selling a property, following a few fundamentals will help you from incurring losses. Further,Read More →

Fat Reduction

Two sentences just about sums up my previous lifestyle! The first is that I am a home maker full time on the job with hardly any time to go to the gym or workout. The second is that I was 30 pounds overweight with nothing much that I was doing about it. Life really changed when I was advised to undergo Cryolipolysis by a friend of mine who had gone through the procedure. Yes, she looked fit and fine and half her age but I was sceptical. Would it work for me? However, nothing can be worse that not trying and I decided to giveRead More →

Investment in Real Estate

Before going into the reasons why investment in real estate will be beneficial for you, it will be relevant to see the yields on other investment options. Buying bonds is a choice for investors who would like to play it safe, especially if these are Government bonds. Average yields are in the range of 5 to 6 percentage with dividend paying yields being in the range of 2 percent or less. Since these instruments are bought mainly as a channel for safe parking of funds the yields offered is not a significant factor for investors. If you want higher yields the investments too would turnRead More →

Real Estate Business

If you are interested in real estate and enjoy selling properties you should get into it full time and big time. As a single dealer you would be working on commissions under supervision of brokers who would split their share with you. But as a broker yourself, you would be running your own firm with multi benefits and increased earnings. On the flip side, you would have to invest in an office, hire people and carry the recurring overheads. However as said before, if you enjoy dealing in property you should take steps to start your own real estate business. Here are some tips thatRead More →